Guerilla Marketing Strategy-Maximum Buzz From Limited Resource

Traditional marketing includes hiring of public relation firm and advertisement on radio or television, these strategies are effective but expensive as well. On contrary, guerilla marketing is a low-priced alternative. Moreover, the size of audience is decreasing by traditional marketing whereas number of influenced audience of guerilla marketing is increasing. Guerilla marketing strategy reaches maximum spectators searching for modern and fun-loving companies because they use creativity and unexpected ways to reach them. They follow different strategies to create maximum buzz from minimal resources.

  1. Create buzz:

Instead of starting from top of purchasing chain, start from grassroots level. Initiate with an in local college newspaper and hand out product samples to collect feedback. Run a contest with unexpected challenge or prize. These tactics will create maximum buzz in people and make them talk about company or product.

  1. Go viral:

Social media is not limited to kids anymore. Businesses are utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to spread awareness of products. Using these latest strategies will make company modern and forms an appealing prospect for younger consumers. Ensure that viral marketing streams are interactive and create authentic voice to identify potential users.

  1. Use a stunt:

In order to pose big impact on audience, go for a big stunt. Establish an event or activity that is mysterious and ongoing. Provide T-shirts printed with logo and ask them to wear on event day; people who will see the shirts will wonder the meaning and search for relative information regarding the same. Select a world record related to business and challenge whole town to defeat it. Create a fun-loving stunt with only one objective to raise awareness of your brand or products.

Guerilla marketing is a great way to promote a product or service without having a large budget. It should include anything and everything to spread a word about product and service. When planning guerilla marketing strategy, list all important methods and tactics you intend to implement and start with it now.

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